WEEE Recycle

We as a the company have a state of the art de-manufacturing line combined with high tech automation & manual processing methods to sort, dismantle & shred e-waste.

With modern technologies, WEEE in the organized sectors are handled properly, stored safely, and dismantled/recycled in a nearly hazardous free environment. An organized sector ensures good health of the stakeholders with the latest and environment-friendly technology, recovery of most of the materials that are used in making the product. All types of obsolete electrical equipment including TV, fridges, and other IT equipment are treated safely by WEEE recycling.

India is highly deficient in precious mineral resources while untreated e-waste goes to landfills. There is a need for a well-designed regulated e-waste recovery regime that would generate jobs as well as wealth.

According to Global E-waste Monitor 2017, India generates about 2 million tons (MT) of e-waste annually and ranks fifth among e-waste producing countries after the US, China, Japan, and Germany. In 2016-17, India treated only 0.036 MT of its E-waste. We are committed to provide dynamic modules to handle increasing volume of urban mines of natural resources out of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

New products which are being introduced on a daily basis due to which the electronic goods industry has seen a massive demand which has resulted in outdated/unutilized electronic equipment also referred to as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Proper handling of the WEEE has been understood and steps have been initiated because of the imminent threat they cause to the environment as the e-waste is growing rapidly which is going into millions of tons annually and India alone is generating 500,000 tons annually which is entirely and openly dismantled by the unorganized sector using hand tools, burners, etc. where the hazardous material is not dealt with proper manner.

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SSL E-waste encompasses end-to-end processing of e-waste. We are a facility registered by Central Pollution Control Board and authorized by the Haryana Pollution Control Board, our safe and secured recycling process ensures complete protection of the environment with maximum recovery out of the electronic equipment. We as a the company have a state of the art de-manufacturing line combined with high tech automation and manual processing methods to sort, dismantle and shred e-waste.