Extended Producer Responsibility

It is the responsibility of any manufacturers of electrical & electronic machinery to make sure of its eco-friendly management of their waste. It broadens the responsibility of manufacturers till end-of-life management of their products.

We as a company are fully compliant, as we enable multi-national product manufacturers to meet their EPR obligations. We have partnered with corporate houses across sectors and to ensure responsible management of end-of-life electronic products by developing e-recycling programs that are tailor-made to their specific needs, whilst balancing compliance, convenience, and cost through a highly efficient take-back and recycling program.

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We want to contribute to create a successful e-waste recycling industry in INDIA that may serve as a model for other developing countries.

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We aim to promote awareness on environmental and human benefits of e-waste recycling so that the hazardous informal recycling method is reduced and eventually eliminated.


As per the requirement of individual producers/manufacturers, we make sure a clear-cut model of a process with specialists to get their targets because we have an ideal resolution for all bulk manufacturers of electric and electronic machinery to get their EPR goals.

The main purpose of this process is to increase the amount of recovery of products and minimizing any type of environmental impact caused by waste materials. This approach serves as an effective mean to achieve higher environmental standards in designing the products.

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