Data Destruction

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With ongoing technology advancements on daily basis disposal of IT equipment and data security is a major challenge for any organization. Devices like HDD’s, SSD, Hard Drives, Flash Drives, etc., are loaded with lots of confidential of employees, companies, and their clients. Therefore it becomes very important that before handing over such devices all the data are completely sanitized and destroyed.

We Provide the peace of mind that your data and brand are fully protected with advanced software, tightly controlled processes, rapid client-site services, and a higher level of evidence.

Data Destruction Methods

Degaussing Process

In fact, it`s so powerful that the NSA has permitted a few degaussing techniques aimed toward destroying superior safety statistics from magnetic media. This can spoil the magnetic signature of the saved statistics.


Process where hard drives, solid state drives, or other solid state storage like thumb drives and phones are placed into a large shredding machine and are pulverized into granular sand-like particles. Typically this is for government or highly sensitive data and can be done on-site or off-site

Shredding Process

Shedding hard drives requires a type of shredder especially a thick piece of metal associated with hard drives. 'Hard drive shredders use hardened steel cutting shafts with widened gap sets, as well as timed conveyor belts to prevent overfeeding. Hard drive shredding is a secure way of shredding.


The most significant way to sanitize information on a hard drive is to physically destroy it. Since physical destruction is not as easy as it sounds the common methods of physical destruction are drilling hard drives, crushing hard drives, piercing hard drives, and bending hard drives. Although physical destruction in this manner cannot protect against all forensic data recovery techniques, it can prevent the most common types of digital theft.

Erasure Process

A software application that changes the binary code of the data stored in the device completely erased.

Incineration Process

Only for tapes, cds, and floppy disks. They are loaded into an industrial thermal furnace and incinerated.

No outsourcing

Client Site or at the center

Full Serialized reporting

Video testimony Available

Responsible recycling

Technical docs available

Evidence and reporting to meet any level of risk management policies and procedures depending on the risk factor of each type of IT Asset by providing Certificate of data sanitization, evidence of Wipe log, Video testimony.

We ensure that people and organization's major concern of keeping their information secure is safeguarded when disposing of their electronic devices specifically smartphones and laptops are devices that they store.
Corporate data, personal sensitive data, information related to banks or investments, competitor analysis or brand, plans that they don’t want to get into someone’s hands.

Government regulations, contractual obligations, identity theft, and other security concerns make it necessary to have stringent protocols to ensure the safeguard of private data.
We ensure that none of the private data reaches the secondary market or is in the hands of data thieves, competitors, or research labs.

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