Asset Management

End-of-Life Management

Emerging and Evolving Technologies are directly proportional to increased consumption of gadgets, discarding rate of such gadgets is also increasing rapidly, but discarding does not mean the end of life of such electronic equipment.

“Circularity” is the philosophy in which our company believes which means not just manufacturing but also buying back products that have reached the end of life and then refurbish to make them as good as new.
Thereby extending the life devices life and making available the technology at a fraction of the cost to SMBs, Banks, Call Centers, Entrepreneurs, Schools, and Colleges going digital without the compromise to afford them and not limit the growth.

IT hardware Asset Disposition

Composite CPU, TFT Monitor, LCD Monitor, Servers, Switches, Routers, HDD, SSD’s, Laptops, UPS, Networking Cables, Mother Board, Fax Machine, Printers, Scanners, Pen Drives, Mouse, Mobile Phone, Notebook Computer, All-In-One Computer, IMac, IPad, MacBook, MacBook Air, Digital Camera, Security Camera, CD-ROMs, Floppy Drives, DVD, Etc.

Our company has a team of qualified engineers who takes care of salvaging and refurbishment of such assets. Assets go through visual and cosmetic testing to more intensive parts and component testing in order to achieve a marketable status.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics was the most environment-friendly of all time with the entire haul being made from 50,000 tons of recycled e-waste.
Digital Adoption is now well within the reach and cost considerations no longer need to be constraints. Money saved can be made in other investments that would otherwise need to be put away for later.
Digital India and Smart Cities, the present Central Government plans of making the country digital will certainly need more and more people to adopt the change and bring the change, electronics will play a vital role.

Unsorted Mixed Electrical waste (WEEE)

Stabilizers, Invertors, Compressor, Air-Conditions, MCB, Electrical Motors, Electrical Panel ,Electric Wire, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, TV, CPU, Cabinet, Micro Oven, Heater, Geysers, Water Coolers, Tea Coffee Vending Machine, Paper Shredder, Vacuum Cleaner, Electrical Panels, Fans, Capacitors, Fire Alarms, Regulators, Power Control Unite, LED Fitting, Etc.


Scrap Aluminum Cables, Copper wire, feeder cable, armored and unarmored cable, electric wire, jumper cable

Scrap Batteries lithium-ion